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4 reasons to choose Colorado restaurant consignment


We know that running a restaurant can be expensive, so we are dedicated to reducing your costs and saving you time in your quest for new equipment. Our easy to use online platform and excellent customer service skills are the perfect match for any restaurateur looking to watch their budget and look out for the environment. 


By buying your items through Colorado Restaurant Consignment, you are helping to create a sustainable and respected restaurant community, being resourceful, and saving yourself money. You’ll feel great knowing that you are giving back to the ecosystem and acquiring a high-quality piece of equipment to help move your restaurant forward. 


We are dedicated to providing a unique platform for sellers to connect with buyers looking for affordable equipment and supplies. We specialize in recycling and repurposing preowned restaurant equipment and providing services for new and existing restaurants. 


There is a whole world of preowned restaurant equipment waiting to find a new home. At Colorado Restaurant Consignment, our sellers are committed to providing quality restaurant equipment at a fraction of the price you would expect to find at a wholesale store offering brand new products. 


Working with Tara has been a joy, her "can do" attitude and positive outlook is encouraging. We have found her business model and administration professional, timely and effective, as we have sold equipment through her services. We would encourage others to link up with her, as it is a pleasure. Thanks Tara!

Al & Linda Ballard, The Canon City Queen Anne, Canon City, CO

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